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Exclamation How do I pay my bills?


I am getting account Suspension Notices from Solidhost. But, when I try to make my payments at https://billing.solidhost.nl/ , I get thrown out at ".com" site after the login (with "page not found" error). So, I am UNABLE to complete my payment.

How do I complete my payment?
What is your new Paypal account to manually send my payments?

I DO NOT WANT MY ACCOUNTS TO GET SUSPENDED. I tried contacting support@solidhost-noc.com about this billing issue, but did not get any response. Please help.

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Hi Jim,

All emails sent to support@solidhost-noc.com are answered within minutes. If you didn't get our response, you should probably check your spamfilter.

As for the billing system: we are still working on this. The technical parts on our end have already been transferred to http://billing.solidhost.nl however our supplier of the billing system still has to update the license to the new domain. We are hoping for this to be ready today.

In the meanwhile, please disregard the suspension notices, we will not suspend your (or any other client's) account while the billing system is unavailable. We will send out a notice to all clients once the system is available again.

Andre van Vliet
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