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Default Shared hosting

I suggest you to install antyvirus software for email scanning on your shared platform - rugby server.

All your competitors offer simple antyvirus solution.

With regards
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We already discussed this with you before, we simply don't offer this. We want to ensure top performance on our servers at all times. Antivirus filtering for email on the server-end would put a rather high load on our servers, causing things to slow down.

Furthermore email attacks are starting to become more common. We have seen servers (not our own) crashing because of that. If someone would send a million emails in a few minutes to a server, and the server would try to filter them all, chances are that the server will simply crash.

As you know, uptime is extremely important, more important than virus filtering. That's why we have chosen not to offer this.

What I would suggest is to simply run anti-virus software on your computer. Most of that software will integrate with your email client, and achieves the exact same as filtering it on the server end.

Andre van Vliet
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