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Default Dedicated Server Managment

I was discussing this issue with Milovan from the sales department and thought i might bring this up here too.

I have heard how you have 'peak times' where the support dept get many many email thus slowing responses down. As you specialise in dedicated server (or so it looks ) implementing dedicated server managers to customers could free up the support dept.

Of course clients would have to pay for this service, or recieve it free if they purchase 3+ servers etc. The dedicated server manager is therefore incharge of that persons servers, and is to handle problems for that client. This would decrease the reply time in the support dept, making it available for shared hosting clients.

I also discussed with milovan that this service could be costly and some people may chose they dont want it. Maybe implementing a set fee of say $75/month would cover costs but this is also quite expensive (you can get a server off you for less than that :P). Alternativley you could setup a dedicated server managment cost per hour of technician time (only if the client requests dedicated server management) for say $20/hour.

Clients could also not choose this service at all and stay with standard support

Just an idea that could be helpful to many dedicated server clients and could free up support time.

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Hi Jonny,

I've already replied to your email about this, but I'll post it here as well:

I appreciate your input a lot, thank you.

As you may know, we have a new website coming up, and with that new website we also have a lot of new features and services coming in. Some of them are already available, some still need to be finalized.

I recon mostly that our current website is lacking information. For instance we have very exclusive management plans available, which are considered as "just about the best you can get" by our customers. The problem with the website is mostly that things like that simply aren't listed (completely) - however the new website will take away that problem entirely since all information will be listed on there.

What we will introduce is different management levels (most likely 3 levels in total). More info will be released shortly.

I would just like to clear up that these peak times do not slow down our responses a lot, a few minutes at most. We use a quite intelligent system to prioritize support requests. For instance if a customer's server is down (for whatever reason) this will get more priority than a request for additional IP addresses. Nevertheless, we are also in the process of hiring additional support staff as we speak. 3-4 employees have already been elected and these will all be hired on a full-time basis within approximately one month from now. Support is already covered 24/7 (it always has been), but things are about the get even better!

Andre van Vliet
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