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Default hey hey

what up guys?
im still alive as you can see, and i know i havent gotten any servers, im just trying to see if the market i want to get into is worth it or not.......

but i do have one suggestion (and yes i know i can't spell, and this is kinda ironic once you read what the suggestion is )

It seems to me that english isn't your first language, if this is true, i think that for it not being your first language, you write it very well... but professionally you cannot write it well enough....

im just noticing a few small gramatical errors here and there... and if you want that professional look you should try to get someone to look over anything you post etc...

Just trying to help you guys out

and personally, your few errors here or there wouldnt stop me from buying from you, but it may stop others....

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Hi Chris, good to hear from you again

There are several admins using this username ("Admin"), all admins use this username. My (André) primairy language is indeed not English, however my English is near to fluent. Personally I'm aware that I make quite a few spelling mistakes, that's generally because I tend to type too fast.

However, we have several British and American employees, who take care of all important texts. The text at this forum for instance isn't too very important, the main point behind it is that people understand it.

Thank you for your advise though, I appreciate it.


Andre van Vliet
SolidHost Administrators

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