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Default Hello, old Dehe NL customers!

Decided to start some life here. After the organizational changes there is some amount of old Dehe NL customers left. Now Solidhost ones and this is the place for us.

Let's try to begin some communicating rutines here. Andre says that he is going to concentrate to this piece now. I hope that Network (& hardware) Status areas here are in informative and active use. I also hope that the support, billing & admin panels get working and we can find fast & reliable fullmanaged support (as in good ole days).

And ofcourse, if everything goes well, we have very little to ask/discuss.

I myself am from Helsinki, Finland having vps141. Not selling hosting services but having some tens of customers in my vps. I make graphic & web design and contents, so for me is enough that everything is running smoothly (with no need to bother my head with serverside things that much)

All good!

PS Andre van, I think that You should make an entrance here too. Give some 'map' of yours to us and some future views. Thanks.
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Thumbs up Tervehdys

Itís a small world, Iím also from Finland I have liked Solidhost support and hardware status and I have now two VPS and one Dedicated on mind. My customers are also satisfied service level what I can give them with Solidhost.

Letís make this forum some live.

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