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Default Router and fiber moves in atlanta

We wil be cutting to the new core Bon monday 4/26 morning at 2 am local time.

There should be no effect whatsover except that the allegiance connection will go down for about 15 minutes, trafic will be re-routed so downtime will be minimized. All other traffic should be fine. You can check whether you are being routed through allegiance by doing a traceroute to solidrack.com.

When this is done we have completed moving one of the core routers to the new facility for even more redundancy.

We are also going to turn up the new gig connections during the 1st - 5th of May 2004. This will involve no downtime. 3 more gig connections will be added. The 3 new connections are Verio, PCCWBTN and Telia. No connections will be dropped.

Andre van Vliet
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