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Default VPS Backup Policy


This post is intended to clear up some confusion about our backup policy, Please see below for a full explanation.

SolidHost keep backups of the entire hardware server that your VPS is hosted on. This is so we can restore an entire server if the raid array was to become so degraded that it couldn't be repaired. It is not possible to restore individual VPS from this backup as to do that we would need to restore every clients VPS on the same server. That simply isn't an option.

Each VPS client can create an exact copy of their VPS from within Virtuozzo Power Panel. This will allow us to quickly restore your VPS should it become hacked or so badly corrupted that it can't be repaired. This is also useful to do if you are about to make a major upgrade to your VPS. Each client is allowed to keep 1 backup at a time and we strongly recommend you do so.

Remote FTP backup space can be purchased at 5 Euros a month per 10 GB of backup space. Our technicians can then assist you in enabling automatic backups. This is ideal for clients wanting to restore individual accounts and to not have to restore the entire VPS. We strongly advise you to do this. Alternatively, you can purchase backup space from a third party and we will assist you in configuring the automatic backup.

Finally, we have always recommended clients make local backups regularly. We can assist you in creating the backups and providing you links to download them. Our support department can also assist you in restoring these backups.

Ultimately, backups are your own responsibility, please take the subject seriously to avoid any frustration and potential revenue loss.

Best Regards,
John Strong
SolidHost Chief Operational Officer
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