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Default Bandwidth providers

We have had a couple of questions regarding our bandwidth providers in the past days. In order to answer this for everyone we are posting this information here.

We have 4 bandwidth providers:
Abovenet, Aleron, Allegiance and Williams. We have a Gig-E (1000mbps) uplink to each provider. These are all top of the notch providers.

By having providers with a larger burst capacity we are able to handle DoS attacks better than many of our competitors that have chosen many smaller pipes. This is because a DoS attack will many times concentrate itself on one inbound or outbound connection and can swamp it if it is only a 100 mbit or an oc3. We do not provision less than GIG circuits on the backbone any more. It also allows us plenty of room to fail back and forth from provider to provider without regards to where the traffic is going to prefer since any one of our links has far sufficient size to handle all of our traffic.

Andre van Vliet
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