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Exclamation SolidRack changes its name to SolidHost

As of Today, the 16th of December 2004 our name has officially changed to SolidHost.

There are several reasons for this name change:

1. This new name is more appropriate for our products. "Rack" suggests that we only host dedicated servers, while we have many other hosting products available.
2. We believe this name is easier to remember for those who didn't know our name yet.
3. Since we are currently also working on several changes in our administration, design and backend processes, we thought this would be the most appropriate moment to make this change.

You can probably imagine, changing a name which has been very succesful for over three years is a pain. We need to change everything on our website, licenses need to be modified, and most importantly: we need to make sure that no confusion is caused by this change of name. Our website has already been modified and most scripts have already been modified to work with the new domain name.

Billing system
The new URL to our billing system is: http://www.solidhost.com/billing - note that this will change once the new design is completed.

Email addresses
Our email addresses will also change accordingly. support@solidrack.com will become support@solidhost.com, billing@solidrack.com will become billing@solidhost.com, and so on. However, all old email addresses are setup to forward your emails to the new domain (to avoid confusion for those who are not aware of the namechange).

MSN address
Our MSN address will change to info@solidhost.com. Currently we are still available on the old address too, however as of next week this old address will not be available anymore.

All namesevers will also change accordingly. ns1.solidrack.com will become ns1.solidhost.com, ns2.solidrack.com will become ns2.solidhost.com, and so on. The SolidRack nameservers will no longer be supported, they will remain active for a while but they will no longer be updated.

Our PayPal address will change to paypal@solidhost.com

Our 2checkout handle will remain the same, however keep in mind that from now on SolidHost will appear on your creditcard statement instead of SolidRack.

For those who are interested: the name change has been approved by the Dutch authorities, banks and Chamber of Commerce.

Spread the word

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Old Dec 17th, 2004, 00:11   #2
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Definately a great move.

As you say, only states a part of your services.

And all the contact info is getting logged ;p

Best wishes with the changes.

Best Regards
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Old Dec 17th, 2004, 11:45   #3
SolidHost Crew
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Thank you for the kind words Rickie, much appreciated
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Old Dec 19th, 2004, 15:05   #4
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Thumbs up Good work

Hi there,

keep up the good work.
Yep, the name solidHOST sounds better.
Please remember the following statement: Work now for the money, in the future the money works for you....


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Old Dec 19th, 2004, 18:15   #5
SolidHost Crew
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Thanks Robb!
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