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Default Fantastico discontinued

Dear customers,

As of March 23rd 2007, SolidHost no longer offers Fantastico (a cPanel add-on suite) licenses.

Even though Fantastico is a good product, we are currently unable to continue to work with Netenberg, the company behind Fantastico. SolidHost is a registered company within the European Union. European law requires that all our inbound (and outbound) invoices are properly formatted, have an invoice number on them, they must be printable and they must be transmitted over a secure socket (SSL). Unfortunately Netenberg is unable to send us invoices that meet any of these requirements, as they do not have a proper invoicing system.

SolidHost has urged Netenberg to send proper invoices for months, and unfortunately Netenberg has not followed up on that. The Dutch tax authorities will simply not accept us sending payments without a proper (matching) invoice. As such, we are unfortunately not able to work with Netenberg any longer, until Netenberg solves its invoicing problems.

Customers who have prepaid their fantastico licenses will automatically receive credit on their billing account within one week.

As an alternative, we recommend to consider using Installatron (http://www.installatron.com), which provides the same functionality and is also compatible with cPanel. Installatron is available for just €2 per month, the same price as Fantastico. Customers who currently have a Fantastico license, can contact our billing department to have their licenses converted to an Installatron license. Alternatively, all customers may also feel free to get a Fantastico license from Netenberg directly (http://www.netenberg.com).

As soon as Netenberg fixes their invoicing problems, SolidHost may consider to start offering Fantastico again.

Andre van Vliet
SolidHost Administrators

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