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Default Administrative changes

Dear customer,

As part of our continuous efforts to improve our services, we have decided to start using a new custom designed billing, support and server monitoring system, which is adjusted to the needs of our company. This change is made in order to improve and streamline daily operations, and will mainly improve the company from an administrative point of view.

Another change we are implementing is that from now on NL and USA operations will be seperated. All USA operations will be accomodated by DEHE.com (including all VPS, dedicated and shared hosting accounts), and all NL operations will be accomodated by our parent company, SolidHost.com. This means that if you currently have a USA-hosted account at SolidHost.com, your billing account will be moved to DEHE.com, and if you have an NL-hosted account at DEHE.com, your billing account will be moved to SolidHost.com. Please note that this is only an administrative change. All USA-hosted DEHE clients will keep their billing account at DEHE.com, the only thing that will change is a different billing and support interface, thanks to the new system as described above.

These changes will be made over the next few days. Every customer will also receive an individual email with a confirmation of the changes as soon as your billing account has been migrated to the new system. This email will also contain any necessary instructions about possible new procedures for opening support tickets and such. Needless to say these new procedures are only being introduced to make things easier for you as a client.

Again, these administrative changes are just part of an internal reorganization and will not affect your hosting account with us in any way, no servers will be touched.

Lastly a note for our resellers: please note that if you have both USA-hosted and NL-hosted accounts, you will receive seperated invoices from SolidHost.com and DEHE.com (one for the NL services and one for USA services).

Should you have any questions about these upcoming changes, you may feel free to ask us any questions at billing@solidhost.com or post your question at http://forums.solidhost.com/showthread.php?t=364

Yours sincerely,
Andre van Vliet
SolidHost CEO and President

Andre van Vliet
SolidHost Administrators

Solid as a Rock
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