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Default Clearing up some confusion about uptime guarantees

It has come to our understanding that there is some confusion about our uptime guarantees. On one page we mention 100% and on another page we mention 99.99%.

The reason for that is the following. The 100% uptime guarantee is a network uptime guarantee. All dedicated servers have this guarantee. However, on our shared hosting page we guarantee 99.99% uptime guarantee. Please note that that is a server uptime guarantee, which is different from network uptime. In order to maintain a secure environment on the servers, we have to upgrade system software from time to time. Some of these upgrades require a server reboot. During such a reboot that specific server will experience a few seconds of downtime - it's impossible to avoid that. Those few seconds fall under the remaining 0.01%. Note that such upgrades are necessary, a system can possibly get compromised if such an upgrade would not be done, which would cause a lot more downtime.

If you have any questions about this matter, feel free to contact André: andre@solidrack.com

Andre van Vliet
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