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Default Imagemagik and php ?

I got a script which crops images to the size i want. The thing is, it doesn't ! So i asked the maker of the script why and he got back to me. So here are the questions (i'm posting this here so it could help others)

Are imagemagick settings fine, also make sure exec() functions are available on your php.

Let me know
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Hi Andre,

In most cases imagemagick won't be installed by default. However, if you open a support ticket, our techs will be able to take care of this for you in no-time.

As for the exec() function: that should be available by default, unless it has been disabled manually in the php.ini configuration. Be careful with this feature though, as this is one of the features that's often used by PHP exploits (as such it's best to disable it, unless if you really need it).

Andre van Vliet
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