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SH Milo
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Default Why did Fantastico suddenly stop working on my Dedicated Server or VPS?

If you have a fresh cPanel 10.1.0-R30 version on your Dedicated Server or a VPS, you will most definitely face Fantastico error as it follows:

PHP script /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/fantastico/includes/enc_restrictions.inc.php is protected by SourceGuardian and requires file ixed.lin.4.3.11.pxp.
Please read SourceGuardian protected scripts manual.

To get rid of this error, do the following:

- Go into WHM
- Go to Tweak Settings
- Scroll down to Internal PHP loader
- Select oldsourceguardian instead of the default value or anything else that was selected earlier

That should fix the problem. If not, feel free to contact us at support@solidhost.com.

Best Regards,
Milovan Milic
SolidHost, Inc.
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