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Question Dovecot instead of Courier?

In WHM now you can choose for Dovecot as mailserver instead of the default Courier.
Especially the 'low memory footprint' of Dovecot seems to be ideal for use on a VPS.
But before I make the change I want to ask: do you think that Dovecot is a good choice
on a Linux Business VPS?

The same question for using NSD as nameserver instead of BIND.

Rob :-)
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Hi Rob,

Switching to Dovecot would indeed be a good choice, especially in terms of resource usage.

As for NSD; making the decision whether you can change from BIND to NSD requires more consideration. NSD is to be considered a lightweight alternative for BIND. If you have a small number of DNS zones, NSD could be the better solution. However otherwise, we recommend to simply stay with BIND. Also keep in mind that NSD cannot do recursive lookups and caching (however you probably won't need that anyway).

Andre van Vliet
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