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Question Certificate and cPanel

When I want to enter the cPanel of my VPS the Internet Explorer warns me that there is a problem with the security certificate (in Dutch: beveiligingscertificaat) and I am advised not to enter the website.
Ofcourse I ignore this warning, but what causes this problem and what can be done to solve it?

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Hi Rob,

Most likely you are using the SSL ports of cPanel (e.g. port 2083 and port 2087). As alternative, you could use the non-SSL ports, which are port 2082 and 2086.

The reason you are getting a security warning is the fact that the SSL ports use the https protocol, while there's no actual SSL certificate installed. An SSL certificate is used to certify the identity of the remote host. However, since it's your own VPS, you already know that the remote host (the VPS) is secure, so you don't really need an SSL certificate for it.

You could still purchase and install an SSL certificate for it, but that would be (in my opinion) a waste of money.

I hope this answers your question.

Andre van Vliet
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