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Default PHPinfo - Configure Command showing empty

I'm just posting this in case anyone else ever experiences a problem like this.

After a manual PHP compile, even though everything was working properly, in the phpinfo() it wouldn't show anything for the "Configure Command" output, except just: ./configure

It is supposed to show all modules that you compiled, so we started investigating what caused this. We investigated just about every option that one could think of, but nothing helped.

In the end it turned out that we just had a typo in the configure command (we used "-prefix.." instead of "--prefix", so we simply missed a dash).

You would expect that this would result in an error, but it didn't - it just didn't show anything in the phpinfo Configure Command ouput. So if you ever come across this problem, simply check whether you made a typo in the ./configure line

Generally speaking, SolidHost customers won't have to worry about this as we will manage everything for you. However, should you prefer to configure things yourself, this might be useful to keep in mind.

Andre van Vliet
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