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Default What hours are Billing/Trials open?

I ask because I'm waiting to try and actually start paying for a VPS I have been trialling and I submitted a message about it under my existing trial ticket over 3 and a half hours ago now without a response.

I just have the feeling that if those departments shut at 5pm, I'm screwed since after tomorrow, I am away and without Internet access until Monday, by which point the trial time on the VPS will have long ended.

Sorry if this seems abrupt, but I'm starting to get a little edgy that this could all go horribly wrong.

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Our billing department is officially opened Monday - Friday, during business hours. In reality we almost always respond to billing tickets during the weekend too, though.

Billing tickets are responded to by the next business day. Needless to say our support department is opened 24/7 and typically responding within 15 minutes - so if you ever need anything handled urgently you can always ask them.

If your billing ticket has been open for 3 hours I'll have to ask you to be patient, someone will assist you shortly. Support tickets are always almost instantly responded to, but billing tickets may take a bit longer.

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