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- We can install SQL Server Express for you, that's all covered by our server management without additional fees.

- The easiest and suggested way to setup mailboxes and things like that, is by getting a control panel with your VPS, like Plesk (you could also use Helm, but Helm doesn't support SQL Express). Plesk is available for just €5 per month and it basically pre-installs everything you need to get started.

- Remote desktop with full administrator access is included

- If you get a control panel (e.g. Plesk), an FTP daemon will come pre-installed.

We do indeed manage the OS, you won't have to install any Windows Updates as that is completely managed on our end (at the host server).

As for IIS, SQL, mailserver, DNS, and so on: that is fully covered by our management, but only if you get your VPS with a control panel (Plesk or Helm).

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