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Originally Posted by Paul Huizer View Post
One thing I don´t understand yet is why you are convinced that the CPU will not be the bottleneck anyway. What in your experience normally IS the bottleneck resource on Windows with a databse on it? Is it RAM, datatraffic, harddisk, backup capcaity ... ??
Usually RAM is the primary bottleneck. Second comes the I/O speed of the harddrives (although there is plenty of that available too - we simply make sure of that).

Surely anyone could just say that, but we have a good reason to actually make sure that that's true: if our VPS's would lag because of things like that, our customers wouldn't be happy and leave elsewhere. We obviously wouldn't want that to happen. Moreover; I can assure you that our customers are happy with our services.

The only way to find out about the speed is to give it a shot really (you can just get the free trial account and see what it's like).

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