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Thanks for the 'special' on the short-term VPS

I nearly have everything sorted out now, however there is one thing i not quite understanding. I have opened a ticket about this if that is ok, but i don't think i'm quite being understood based on the reply (though it is possible i'm simply not making any sense ).

I'll post it here as well in case anyone who visits the forum can help...

The problem is with nameservers and IPs. I have been able to setup a new account in WHM with a unique IP, but when setting up a different account's nameservers (through the reseller center) WHM is auto assigning the same IP i've used before for a different account (i have also noticed that it does not do this if an IP has been used previously for nameservers though).

Is this usual behaviour as it would seem that the IP account is now not using a 'unique' IP?

Would the normal procedure be to setup client nameservers with unique IPs, and if so how can this be done in WHM?

I had a thought that perhaps this is only happening because i only have 2 ips with this VPS system? (remember i'm only testing it out, not actually trying to do it in a production environment).

Thanks in advance if anyone has any thoughts

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