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Hi, thanks for reply

I believe that the cPanel API does not support creation of reseller accounts, as far as I know. However at the other hand: if a reseller account can be created manually, there has to be a way to create it automatically too
Yep, this is my understanding also, basically you have to code it yourself.

Another way to create a reseller account is to first create a normal account (without reseller privileges) and to add reseller privileges later in the "reseller center"
This seems like an easy way to do it, however i don't quite get how the actual diskspace and bandwidth for reselling is assigned - does it simply take the amount that you setup in the normal account and assign that for reselling, or must it be setup separate to the normal account?

reseller accounts are being created using one of the scripts in the /scripts directory, so I'd suggest to make your script add the reseller privs using the correct script in there.
Yep that is indeed the way i'm going about it

It may be interesting to get a small VPS solution with cPanel, you have full root access on that so it's perfect to test this.
That's an interesting idea, i'm not looking to spend a lot of cash as this isn't that important, i guess if i email sales we may be able to sort something out? If your interested i could share my findings in return for a discount

Thanks for your help
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