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Default Creating Reseller Accounts

I've almost finished writing a little script for myself to automatically create cpanel hosting accounts upon client payment. This is really just a little project to do rather than something i'm likely to implement. Still i realised i missed something out, automatically creating resellers (i realise i can't do this without root, as i said more of 'something to do' than something i'm gonna use )

As i don't have root i'm not sure what the process of creating resellers actually is and was wondering if one of the staff (or a customer with a dedi server) could give me an idea.

I've read on the whm docs that you can create a user and add reseller privileges then edit those privileges but i assume there must be some sort of short cut. Can you create 'ready made' reseller packages like you can create plans for normal accounts in WHM?

Also how does the initial setup work? Do you create a small account 'normal' account then add reseller abilities and create their reselling space and bandwidth, or can you just create a normal account with the desired resources and then add reseller privileges and they can resell what u gave them?

As u can guess i really don't know how it's done

Any info appreciated
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