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I'm not sure who replied to the ticket, but if you can tell me the ticket number I'll take a look at it for you.
If you want to take a look the ticket number is 559078. Just to be clear though i'm in no way suggesting that the ticket was not dealt with properly. Your support team were probably not aware of the fact that the VPS system was setup just for script testing.

Turning to the more important matter thanks for your reply, that does actually make it much clearer now. One question though, if WHM doesn't check whether the Ip is assigned to an account does it really matter? If, for example, solidhost were setting up a reseller account would you ensure that the nameserver ips had not been assigned to an account or doesn't it really matter?

Is there an option within WHM to manually setup the nameserver IPs, i have only found an auto assign facility?
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