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Default Expecting for an apology.

Thanks CB for your advice.

Not only did I pay TWICE for the same service for the same month (a payment to, and then to via PayPal) but had my site "suspended" after 3 days of "reminders" from on a payment I had already made under their old system. Even after I paid this "extorted" extra month, it still took 2 days just to get someone to respond and get this fixed because DEHE did not recognize my PayPal payment and could only advise me to write ""

You can imagine how customers react to a business when they see "SUSPENDED" on my website for nearly a full week!!! Not to mention all of the emails that I didn't receive, and the customers I've lost due to my emails bouncing back to them. This Solidhost mistake has cost me several years worth of hosting fees.

If Andre indeed still owns the company, I am expecting some type of apology for this inexcusable treatment. I left the big hosting companies for the very reason to avoid this type of bureaucratic, apathetic, corporate treatment.
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