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Default Please help!! What's going on!!!

Is Andre still involved in SolidHost?

My credit card was charged regularly without a problem up until a few weeks ago.

Then suddenly this appeared with an explanation that payment must now go to them. HOWEVER, just days after being notified of this new payment system, my account is suspended for non-payment after having made timely automatic payment for many months!!!

Now locked my IP after entering my wrong password. And finally, I've been able to get the IP lock cleared and made PayPal payment, but get an error message:
Error code 501. Possible fraud. Error with receiver_email. receiver_email =

We were unable to process your payment. Payment status: Completed

Now has taken my payment, yet continues to ask for a payment. All the while, my account is suspended, my emails are being lost, and all through this thoroughly crude transition and no fault of my own.

Why suspend accounts when you know that you are throwing everyone's payment plans out of whack?

How do I get to fix this error, credit my account and get my account back up and running?

Must I go through this cumbersome payment hell each month? There does not appear to be an option to pay via credit card or monthly.

I just want to resume the monthly payments that were interrupted by Solid Hosts' sudden payment system transition.

ANDRE...SOLID HOST had become my favorite because of its professionalism but the treatment of a loyal customer over the past week has been inexcusable. Please communicate and let us know how to correct these issues!!!
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