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Default Spam Attack Aviodance


I am moving to a dedicated server and have been reading some of your posts. I am leaving a server that has a number of features installed and I would also like to add these to my dedicated server to help resolve issues with SPAM.

Please let me know what you have done and how well you like the results. So far I assume you have done the following:
Install required software and scripts
Virus Protection
Configure Exim to reject virus at SMTP time
Configure Exim to reject virus + sender whitelist + receiver whitelist
Blacklists, HELO tests and RBL
Sender blacklist and remote mail server blacklist
HELO test
RBL setting + sender whitelist + receiver whitelist + remote mail server whitelist
Spam Protection
Integrate into user's cPanel allowing user enable/disable server-wide Virus and Spam Protection
Does this work and have you had any problems with it? If you intefrate into the Users CPANEL, does this have to redone after each upgrade of Cpanel? Are there any of these you would suggest not using? While I want to provide a good lockdown for SPAM, I do not want to blow away good mail senders. I also assume that the whitelist allows me to add IP addresses that I want to be allowed to send no matter what?

Thanks for you help and information
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