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Originally Posted by iamback View Post
It seems the recaptcha didn't help all that much... unless the bots have been replaced by a human? See for instance and another identical post by the same user, both yesterday.
These appear to be actual humans whom register an account on the forums manually, after which their bots start posting spam messages.

Unfortunately it's impossible to block that, unless we would also implement recaptcha for each post of each registered user. Since that wouldn't be too convenient for the real users, we won't do that. The best solution is that we simply remove spammers from the forum once they've been spotted. If all users could report spam messages that would definitely be helpful and much appreciated.

As for whether or not the recaptcha system works: I can assure you that it does. Every day it is blocking hundreds of spambots from registering, so that is of course a great result.

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