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SH-John Mar 2nd, 2007 00:12

Which control panel are you using?
Hello All,

Yes yes, we know which control panels you are using, every last one of you!

However, let us try and help potential customers choose the right control panel for them.

Please vote in the poll and post a reason as to why you think your selected control panel is the best for you.

Thank you.

Clanwarz Mar 2nd, 2007 00:58

Plesk :)

We use Plesk for several reasons but the one that stands a top all other reasons is this "simplicity" .

It is just so simple to use! From creating the Server Hostname , to managing DNS zones, besides hsoting, Plesk just simplifies it all.

One of the best features we enjoy is the Backup utility. You can do each website seperate or make a mirror of Plesk and it's websites.

Plesk will rule on our Network.

Jami Mar 2nd, 2007 13:23

I use Cpanel/WHM from many years so I'm accustomed to this software. I never use anything else.

Chrysalis Mar 2nd, 2007 13:31

I use directadmin mainly because its streamlined and more efficient to use, its simplicity is a bonus.

SH-Samuel Mar 2nd, 2007 14:48


Personally I like Cpanel as it comes with pre-installed scripts and you can use the scripts to fix some common problems. But in professional life I think DirectAdmin is the best as it developed for advance Linux users and doesn't have any restrictions about upgrades any one can do apache, mysql or php upgrade with the help of steps given on the DirectAdmin forums.

I will suggest everyone for Plesk as it install all the packages like Mysql, PHP, and DNS etc. itself. But Plesk doesnít have any upgrade options available i.e. you canít upgrade Mysql versions.

SH-Ramon Mar 2nd, 2007 15:17


It's is too hard to select the best control panel for any one until you haven't tried it and experience the problem of it.

Personally I think every Control Panel is good if you like to work on it.

I like all three control panels (Cpanel/WHM, DirectAdmin and Plesk), out of those I like "Cpanel/WHM" because I am using it from many years and it's easy to understand.

For the beginners I will suggest to go for the "Cpanel/WHM" because itís easy to understand/maintain. For the advance Linux users "DirectAdmin" is the best, as it free to do any upgrade on the server. Those who like Windows they must go for the "Plesk" as it is also a good control panel.

Best Regards,
Ramon Coleman,
SolidHost Engineer

web-toast Mar 2nd, 2007 15:45

I use cpanel its the best.

lance Mar 3rd, 2007 02:13

I'm using cPanel. I didn't pick it but it's growing on me. I find its WHT and system manager split intuitive, the menus useful and the scripts very useful. It sets up everything I want for LAMP and provides a bunch of helpful tools like the mail trace utility, which combined with dnsstuff's mail trace util was very useful.

My best suggestion relating to control panels is to play around with the demos. Plesk, cPanel, DirectAdmin all have demo accounts on their sites to muck around in.

SH-Nick Mar 3rd, 2007 06:32

For Linux Servers:
Personally I think the Cpanel is one of the best Control Panel I have ever seen because it is simple and easy to use, things in Cpanel are easily understandable and from maintenance point of view also the Cpanel is best because it comes with pre-installed scripts and tools which are really helpful in upgrades and also able fix common problems.

For Windows Server:
Plesk is good, but the only thing is it doesn’t allow upgrading the things; which is a limitation in Plesk, but with the working point of view it is really good with windows server.

Best Regards,
Nick Hatcher,
SolidHost Engineer.

getUP Mar 3rd, 2007 13:30

DirectAdmin, by far.

Besides that it's easy for an end-user, it's easy for a sysadmin as well. You want to be in control, have influence on the working of your servers, upgrade to a new version yourself instead of waiting on your control panel suplier to make updates. It gives you absolute freedom. If you need custom work, you can do it yourself without breaking control panel functionality. Usability is not limited to end-users only if you ask me.

Especially cPanel has a tendency of not doing what it's supposed to.

DirectAdmin is light-weight and a really functional control panel. It does not require a lot of CPU and RAM. So why waste resources on a control panel?

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