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dnc Dec 17th, 2005 03:39

Migrate 2 reseller accounts

I hope this is the right forum to post for this request:

I have 2 reseller accounts that are both on neptune. I would like to keep only the reseller2, so I would like the other sites on reseller1 (5 sites) to be under reseller2.

I asked if this is difficult in WHT and got this reply :

Just change ownership of the accounts and rename the packages to be for the username of the destination reseller.
I have some questions:
How much time will this process take?
Do I have to make backups before this migration?
Is there any chance the data to be lost?
What info do you need from my side? I assume the 5 accounts and the new assigned packages, right?

BTW, the reason I want to keep only 1 account is because I got a DEHE VPS :) , no you won't lose a customer!

thank you

SH-Andre Dec 17th, 2005 05:08

Hi Antonis,

I've actually got good news regarding your VPS account, but I'll contact you by email about that.

What you described isn't even a migration, it's basically only a administrative (database) change. It's basically only a name that changes. There is no downtime, dataloss or anything like that involved.

The info we need would just be the account names of the reseller accounts which need to be merged. I'll get in touch with you about this.

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