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telder Mar 12th, 2004 19:01

DNS for Win2K3 Web Edition?
I just got my Dual PIII box with Win2K3 Web Edition on it and I was wondering if there are any good tutorials out there that show you how to set up the DNS on these boxes? Or does anybody have a quick how to that they can post?

telder Mar 13th, 2004 05:43

Does anyone know an answer for this? Does anyone from Solidrack look at the forums?

SH-Andre Mar 14th, 2004 23:34

Dear telder,

I'm sorry for this late reply. Due to the email problem we had lately we weren't notified of your posting.


First, bind the IP to your server. Do this in Start > Control Panel > Network Connections > Local Area Network > Properties > TCP/IP > Properties > Advanced

It seems long, but it's not. Then add the additional IP there.

Okay, now open the DNS MMC snap-in. Create a new primary zone, and have it be for -- the same domain that your NS records are for.

Then do the following:

A ns1 x.x.x.x
A ns2 y.y.y.y
A www x.x.x.x
A mail x.x.x.x
MX mail x.x.x.x, 10

Then DELETE the records of type NS... And replace them with:

That should do it. Open a cmd prompt on your server, and:

server localhost

Then it should read off your IP... If it does, everything looks good so far.

Now open a cmd prompt on your local box, and:


If everything comes out okay, then you're all setup. If it doesn't come back, then try this (still within nslookup):

server x.x.x.x

If that comes back, then the problem lies in your NS records at the registrar, or the registrar's NS records for the domain.

Remember, setting a domain to point to your nameserver is NOT enough, you must also create NS records at the registrar.

Best regards,

telder Mar 16th, 2004 16:53

Thanks for the quick reply...didn't know about th e-mail issue. Thanks!

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