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sens-it Mar 3rd, 2009 15:19

Anyone alive?

Send a request for a quote 3 weeks ago...

Send Solidhost support 4 mails where we asked for sales to contact us back ASAP...
All were answered that they were send through to sales.
Does someone read sales email at all?
If you are not interesed in a proposal for one of our customers, please tell us... no hard feelings... but just tell us.

You guys used to be good!

SH-Andre Mar 3rd, 2009 18:53

Hi Steven,

I've just taken a look at the ticket in question, and we did respond to the ticket you are referring to (LXN-41197), three times even.

I am going to copy/paste our latest response into a new ticket and send it to you, perhaps that solves the issue.

If you don't receive the response within a few minutes then please make sure to check your spam filter. If it's not in there either then please let us know.

SH-Andre Mar 4th, 2009 20:57

I see you have replied back in the new ticket - I'm glad we've been able to sort this out.

If there are any further issues, please let us know.

sens-it Jun 8th, 2009 20:02

Just a heads-up... where did you find these support guys?

To be honest, they are awesome.

Saturday/Sunday/weekdays every minute of the day and/or night... always get response and always get support in a very friendly professional way.

I can only advice you to other customers.

Awesome support.

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