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ThePants999 Oct 1st, 2007 15:08

Plesk = memory hog!
We've just signed up to a Starter Windows VPS. Logged on for the first time to find that just about all of our RAM had already gone, without us touching a thing! (16Mb left out of 256.) Support say it's Plesk eating all the RAM. Yikes. Anyone else had similar troubles?

SH-Andre Oct 1st, 2007 16:33

I've just looked at your VPS and it's currently only using 188mb RAM. Also please keep in mind that your VPS is not just running Plesk alone but also the powerpack along with SpamAssassin. SpamAssassin is something that indeed uses quite a bit of RAM.

It is also my understanding that you are planning to run MS SQL. Please keep in mind that this is also something thats quite memory demanding.

Regarding Plesk: Plesk by itself is honestly not a memory hog, it is very memory efficient if you look at what's included with it.

ThePants999 Oct 1st, 2007 16:48

Yes, I've had a few things switched off since posting, which has reduced it somewhat.

I was definitely expecting SQL Server to use lots of memory, that's for sure, but perhaps I was a bit naive to think that a "mere" control panel would be lightweight! :)

spot Oct 2nd, 2007 07:21

Let me ask something here (although I use Linux VPS's).
Plesk "eats" memory at all times? How much memory does it need for "itself"? If we boot a Plesk server and run no website, how much memory will Plesk take?

Does it use more memory when I login to Plesk? I am talking about logging in and doing normal stuff, like creating emails, or seting up a domain (not using heavy things like reports or optimizing databases ...).

Thank you.

PS. ThePants999, welcome ;)

ThePants999 Oct 2nd, 2007 11:54

Ta :)

I saw memory usage steadily increasing while I was using Plesk for the sort of thing you mention. I'm hoping, though, that it will drop back down now I've stopped using it.

SH-John Oct 2nd, 2007 12:14


Memory usage on Linux will be lower (sorry WIndows people!)

Spot, please take a look at . It will explain how you can determine your memory usage and should help you with your question. If you need help understanding something, please let us know.

Alexanderjhon Mar 23rd, 2010 07:50

Thanks for some great tips. Iím already implementing some of them, and am checking into displaying the total number of comments.

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