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SH Milo Apr 29th, 2005 18:55

Please read: cPanel causing high load (convertemails)
There seems to be an issue with the new released cPanel version.

If your dedicated server or VPS is having a high load, and that same high load being caused by convertemails cPanel's script, you need to kill the process by typing:

kill -9 PID (you'll get PID by typing 'top')

and then, when you kill it, type:

touch /usr/local/cpanel/etc/.imapv4cp5c

That will fix the problem.

Milovan M.
SolidHost, Inc.

SH Milo Apr 30th, 2005 11:56

Just to add:

Convertemail is a script within cPanel that is written to go through all the accounts on the server and do something to each one. The problem is that it uses the /etc/passwrd file for the account list and the code causes the cpanel 'user' to make a false match (i.e. cPanel thinks it should do 'covertemails' on /usr/local/cpanel account as well). Because its not really a cPanel account, the script locks up at that point.

So by creating the file /usr/local/cpanel/etc/.imapv4cp5c, convertemails will skip over the cpanel account thinking its already been converted and it should process the rest of the users and complete.
That way, high load will be avoided.

Milovan M.
SolidHost, Inc.

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