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SH-Andre Nov 29th, 2004 19:32

Scheduled maintance for Abovenet and Level3
Abovenet will be relocating our circuit to a different router due to our increased volume on the 30th of November at 10 am EST. This will cause a 2-5 minute outage on that line.

Level 3 will be moving our circuit to a new router on the evening of the 30th of november to accomodate our increased traffic. This will cause a 5-10 minute outage.

We expect intermittant service interruption to certain locations as bgp reroutes.

decker Nov 29th, 2004 20:26

Thanks for the heads up, the recent moving of accounts for our clients (as we've just started with SolidRack) is always a strain but went so smoothly some complained just for the hell of it as it happened so quick and no outages. We did nameserver changes in advance to ensure it all worked and this will just reinforce it.

Good job :D

SH-Andre Nov 30th, 2004 16:40

This has been completed, both Level 3 and Abovenet. Downtime has been limited to an absolute minimum.

Thank you for the compliment decker :)

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