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andre Nov 2nd, 2010 17:10

Is there another way to contact you besides email
Is there another way to contact you besides email ? To resolves issues ?
Msn or ICQ ?
I have a VPS with you and it looks like i can't receive emails from you guys (ISP problem i think)

I can't send emails from my usual emails. I am using a paid email service for now but i never get your automatic email replies (we are looking into it stuff) nor support emails at all ? In fact, i don't even know if you ever received any emails from me for the past few days ! So...

Let me know

VPS 688

SH-Andre Nov 2nd, 2010 18:23

Hi Andre,

We have received 3 tickets from you today, which were all responded to within a few minutes.

It also looks like your mailserver accepted our replies, as we didn't get any bounces. Most likely your ISP filtered the messages, perhaps they're in your spam filter?

Best think you can do is to login to our ticket system directly at - you'll be able to find the access details in autoresponder messages which you've received from us previously (before this problem occurred). Alternatively you can reach us by phone or through this forum (although this forum is not an official support gateway). We do not support MSN/ICQ.

In case you're not able to login to the ticket system as described above, then please let us know.

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